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First Choice Chiropractic Services

Diagnostic Services

Dr. Fessler understand that, when you are in pain, it affects your whole world in an extremely negative way. We want to help improve your health and take away the pain. Some chiropractors simply mask the pain with chemicals, but Dr. Kenneth Fessler believes that the key to long-term health and pain cessation lies in the ability to accurately diagnose the problem, so that a viable treatment can be prescribed. Our methods are designed to not only help with the pain, but to help you prevent recurring injuries to the affected area going forward. We utilize other professionals such as Neurologist, Orthopedics and Pain Management Specialists to help with the injury assessment and Co- treatment when necessary. Schedule an appointment to receive:

     •     Examination for Auto, Work, & Fall Injuries

     •     Evaluation for Athletic Injuries and Injury Prevention

Therapeutic Services

First Choice Chiropractic utilizes a wide range of different therapeutic services to help our clients overcome their injuries and alleviate the pain they are suffering through. These therapies range from simple massage therapy to cryotherapy. Once your situation has been properly diagnosed, your chiropractor will determine which particular therapy is the right one to help with whatever problem you may be experiencing. Some of the theraputic services we provide are:

     •     Chiropractic Techniques

     •     Activator Method

     •     Therapeutic Massage

     •     Trigger Point Therapy

     •     Exercise Rehabilitation

     •     Moist Heat and Ice

     •     Electrical Muscle Stimulation

     •     Ultrasound

Advanced Therapeutic Services

First Choice Chiropractic is home to some of the most experienced chiropractors in South Florida, and we maintain ongoing training to keep up with the latest in chiropractic technologies and innovations. The advanced therapeutic services offered at First Choice Chiropractic bears that out. From high power laser therapy, which uses highly focused light to help regenerate cells in the affected area to promote a faster rate of healing to kinesiotaping, which uses a specially designed fibrous tape to help relax overused muscles and facilitate underused muscles. The advanced therapeutic services offered at First Choice include, but are not limited to, the following:

     •     Assisted Isolated Stretching

     •     Active Release


Do you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain? Are you just feeling tired and run down. Are you looking for a different way besides traditional medicine to help heal your aches and pains. Chiropractic services can help you in ways that are natural and with out drugs.

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